10 Amazingly Good Acts Performed By Bad People

10 Amazingly Good Acts Performed By Bad People


The standards of what makes someone good or bad are created by society. When we define someone as bad, it implies that the person will forever be that way or is incapable of doing good. But people can and do change, and no matter how bad we think a person is, they are capable of having some good in them.

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10 The KKK Picket The Westboro Baptist Church

The Ku Klux Klan, or KKK, formed in 1866 and have a long and well-told history of violence, from burning crosses to lynching to bombing African-American schools and churches. So when an organization with a history and reputation of so much hate and violence are repulsed by the actions of another organization, you know youre dealing with crazy of epic proportions. That is exactly what happened between the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church.

The Westboro Baptist Church is another organization well known for its hate. Instead of minorities like the KKK, Westboro hates gay people. Theyre known for picketing funerals, usually those of soldiers, and holding signs with phrases like God hates gay people.

While the KKK might hate minorities, many members are former military and dont take kindly to the picketing of their fallen comrades funerals. In the past few years, the KKK have shown up to military funerals to counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church. They sing, hand out American flags, and shake hands with those present. Dennis LaBonte, Imperial Wizard of the KKK group, can be seen in the video above voicing his disgust with the church.